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We are working towards charitable initiatives since 2013. Helping Humanity Foundation is basically a concept of “Supporting needs with Love”, and is a registered voluntary, non-profit, national level organization rendering social service. It is dedicated to working for the under privileged & physically challenged people as well as orphanage and old age home in Mumbai and other cities of India since 2013. A group of professionals from different industries got together to address the needs of the visually impaired, specially abled and other destitute children in the fields of education and health care, etc. Helping Humanity Foundation was established on     [ 9th, June, 2013 ] and registered under the Society Registration Act   [ XXI of 1860, No. G.B.B.S.D 1439 ]. “We are a Non-profitable, Non-government, Non-political and Charitable organization with necessary permission from the Government, in a mission to Heal the World and make it a better place by helping each other and becoming Helping Humans.”

Children need special attention through their early years and it is our responsibility to care for them. They need to eat well, provide good education in order to grow , stay healthy and strong. Protection from illness and injury as they explore the world around them.When they are sick, they need good medical care.
Literacy & Learning
Indian girl child studying
17.7 million children and adolescents are out of school in India, this is 14% of world's population of children out of school.
Child Labour
Indian girl child studying
1 in every 8 children in India is working, when they should be at school
Vocational Training
Indian girl child studying
20% of grade 2 children in India cannot recognize numbers 1-9; 53% of children drop out of school at elementary level


We want to do more and you can help us by committing a small fraction of your income to protect children, for their education and needs.You can help save a child and contributing to humanity. You can donate as low as INR 500 per month. A single donation can also help to support a child. You will get your tax exemption certificate within 15 days of your one time donation (quarterly in case of regular donors, who pledge monthly donations, after their first month’s donation). You will get quarterly updates on how you are making a difference.

Child adoption is incredibly important to create families but more so, fill the need for families to accept children who need a home & a loving consistency. We encourage & support people for "Child Adoption". As per survey report of 2018, in India there are more than 20 millions children who are orphans & lacks education, good home and more importantly love & family in their life.

We run solely on donations, however you can stop your monthly donation with a single phone call, just give us a call on +91 087677 88810
(between 9 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday), or write to


Elderly Care

Old age is a sensitive phase; elderly people need care and comfort to lead a healthy life without worries and anxiety.They need our love & support at this stage of life.

Orphans Care

We can teach them, make them learn good things so that, they should not get involved in wrong things. These are babies, toddlers and teenagers who for whatever reasons are alone in this world; needs our love & support.

Disaster Relief

We work on helping people in urgent need & make a positive difference in their lives. We work as volunteers, linesman, providing first aids, cloths, foods etc.


If there's one organization that Indians can choose to commit to give their country a better future through children and also give children, our future, their right to a childhood they can cherish and an adulthood that Indians deserve, it is Helping Humanity Foundation Fill out your details if you have queries or call our helpline 087677 88810


NGOs are composed of experts with years of experience in executing social welfare activities.


Work as a catalyst in bringing sustainable change in the lives of the differently-abled adults and children with a life cycle approach to development.

To tap talent from people with disabilities and utilize the skills and abilities they possess so as to enable them to integrate with the modern society.

Helping Humanity Foundation directly helps the poor and suffering humans through your contributions or monetary support.

Helping Humanity Foundation will continue to empower people and communities in situations of Poverty, Illiteracy, Disease and Social Injustice with interventions aiming to achieve Large-Scale Positive Changes through Social and Economic Development Programs enabling women and men realize their potential fostering the confidence and building the capacity of people to share resources and to develop, control and sustain their society both socially, culturally and economically. Furthermore, it will continue to support their endeavors to find greater prosperity and improve the material conditions of their lives and that of the country where they live in.

Child Protection

Kids Education

Old Age People Care